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Kudos Play School was founded on April 14th, 2010 under The Vedic Educational and Charitable Trust. It is an educational institution that provides early childhood education to children from the ages of 1.1 to 4 years old. The school follows a cognitive-based philosophy and incorporates the Montessori method of teaching, which emphasizes hands-on learning and active exploration. At Kudos Play School, children, or Kudans, learn through active exploration in an environment that is rich in materials and opportunities for conversation, socialization, work, play, and negotiation with others. Kudans may work individually or in collaboration with their peers and are provided with a strong foundation in math, language, science, creative art, music, social skills, environmental awareness, movement, and dramatic play. The school also offers extracurricular activities such as sports, music and dance, art and craft, science and technology, and language and culture. It is not clear from the provided information about the specific admission process, eligibility criteria, and fee structure at Kudos Play School. Kudos Play School has locations in Chennai and the surrounding areas, including Rajakilpakkam, Selaiyur, Santoshpuram, East Tambaram, Kandigai, and Perumbakkam. In addition, the school also has locations in Trichy and Nagercoil.

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The mission of Kudos Play School is to provide children with a safe, respectful environment that is rich in learning and provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning

Vision & Values

The vision of the school is to develop each child's fullest potential by providing an appropriate environment and a program that enhances their growth and helps them to become unique, special individuals with a positive attitude and the confidence to face the world.

The values of Kudos Play School are reflected in its motto, "learn with fun and graduate with a smile," which reflects the belief that children should enjoy learning and develop a love of education. The school also places a strong emphasis on creating a positive and stimulating learning environment, developing each child's individual strengths and abilities, and fostering a sense of empathy and sensitivity towards others.

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