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Learn with fun and Graduate with a Smile!

we are a no TV, no AC,

no gadgets Play School.

Our Presence









About Kudos

Kudos Play School, established on April 14th, 2010, is home to a diverse group of students known as Kudans. The school has over 30 employees and is located in several locations in and around Chennai, including Rajakilpakkam, Selaiyur, Santoshpuram, East Tambaram, Kandigai, and Perumbakkam. In addition, Kudos Play School also has locations in Trichy and Nagercoil.

How are we different?

Kudos Play School also provides unique learning experiences to children through its use of the TPD (Thought Process Development) model of education. This model involves activities that allow children to solve problems, make decisions, and create and evaluate new ideas. It is designed to promote independent thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as the development of thought processes. Other unique learning experiences at Kudos Play School may include field trips, hands-on
science experiments, music and art activities, and movement and dramatic play opportunities.

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